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Legacy Giving

Thank you for your generous gifts benefiting the LA Phil. Your support today plays a crucial role in sustaining the high level of artistry and innovative programming found at Walt Disney Concert Hall and the Hollywood Bowl. You are instrumental in allowing the expansion of the LA Phil's extensive education programs in the second decade of Youth Orchestra LA.

As the LA Phil soon begins its second 100 years, explore how you can create a lasting legacy with a gift through your own thoughtful planning. Ensure the art of music remains available to the next and future generations. Learn here how creative and flexible use of your assets can benefit you and your loved ones now and the LA Phil in the future. Some of the most popular methods of creating a personal or family legacy are outlined below. Take a look and explore the option best for you.

We look forward to helping you structure a gift that accomplishes your personal goals and creates your vision of legacy supporting the LA Phil into our second century.

Take a look at the different options that you think may work best.

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Life Insurance

Most popular ways to give this asset:

Help Me to Explore

"A few years ago, I was able to join a tour behind the scenes at Disney Hall and was "taken" with the sheet music library. I guess I'd never given that area of the LA Phil any thought. Not being a musician myself, I just never thought about the requirements for organizing the sheet music. It is such a complex situation, compiling the music for each instrument, for just one piece, not to mention, a full concert, I was just blown away! As a result, when asked how I wanted my funds to be spent, the Music Library was my first and final thought. I am guessing that not many people give sheet music much, if any, thought at all, so I'm hoping that my eventual gift will be helpful in serving and maintaining LA Phil's music library in the best possible way."

Sharon Baranoff

Why We Give

After moving to Los Angeles in 1948, Reese and Doris Gothie became devoted fans and subscribers of the LA Phil. Following Reese's passing, Doris wished to honor his memory and ensure that future generations would continue to be inspired by the music that uplifted them throughout their lives. In 2001, Doris Gothie donated her home—retaining the right to live there for the rest of her life—and named the Fourth horn position in the orchestra the Reese and Doris Gothie Chair. Read more about the Gothie gift and other donor stories.

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